Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Comics Classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center begin June 26!

I will be busy this summer. And I hope you will be too and be part of one, or more, of the workshops I'll be teaching for kids (suggested age range: 9 to 14). Depending on what neighborhood you're from, or your preference, you may want to check out the free (suggested donation) comics workshops I'll be teaching at Pratt Fine Arts Center, 1902 South Main Street. Contact them and register. You need to register ahead of time! (206) 328-2200, info@pratt.org.

Lots of fun this summer. See you there! Come to the first class and keep going the whole summer. You're welcome to come anytime. We will cover all aspects of comics and create our own comic book by the end of summer. Go to www.pratt.org and check it out!


Martin Gray said...

I hope the summer art camp is going well, Henry. I'd have loved something like that when I was a lad. Good on you, sir.

Henry Chamberlain said...

Your show of support is much appreciated. Well, the class at Pratt Fine Arts Center is going very well. It is made up of half boys and half girls and everyone is very engaged and having a good time. I am quite honored to be guiding all these terrific kids.