Thursday, November 27, 2008

Parris, a Seattle artist. What became of Parris?

I walked down the hill to all the shops in Fremont and stopped to look at this mural. There used to be more of them in Seattle by this artist back in the '90s. The name of the artist is Parris. What became of Parris? If anyone knows, I'd love to learn what you know.

A Symbol of Hope

I was on a liesurely walk through the neighborhood this morning and I lingered on this symbol of hope. When was the last time we wanted to hold onto such a symbol? Not since JFK and RFK, no doubt. Shepard Fairey has sure come a long way since "Obey the Giant." What wonderful timing. And what a heart-felt image. I love how Fairey was amused with Obama's staff being so curious about how he managed to get this image displayed all over the country.