Monday, March 28, 2011

Cover Art for the new PNA newspaper, The Review

I was honored to provide the cover illustration for the Phinney Neighborhood Association's relaunch of their quarterly newspaper which is now known as, The Review.

Included here is the actual drawing which I then added color to with Photoshop.

And I am also including here what the illustration and story make reference to, The Beatle's landmark album, and a significant piece of pop culture, "Abbey Road." The PNA story is about a growing trend to find ways for older home owners to stay in their homes as they grow older through the help of a community network.


Anonymous said...


I love your illustraton on the PNA Review.
I was in Seattle in April to visit my daughter. Once day I stopped at the PN office and picked up the Review. In California, I very involved as a volunteer for senior programs and advocacy and the illustration caught my eye. great statement re: aging and our communities!

Henry Chamberlain said...

Thanks. I look forward to doing more illustrations for the PNA.